Frequently Asked

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A collage of brand elements including charcoal drawings of leaves as well as a pink flower

The Basics

What is Lei Back, anyway?

Where can I find Lei Back in stores?

How can I stay up to date on new products and releases?


What does it taste like?

Will this drink get me high?

How will this drink make me feel?

What is the best way to drink Lei Back?

How should I store Lei Back?

Does Lei Back have an expiration date?

Can I fail a drug test by drinking Lei Back?

Where do you source your CBD hemp?

Why do some Lei Back cans say HEMP and others say CBD?

Do you test your product?

Is CBD Legal?

Why does my can's ingredient list say 'full spectrum CBD', but your site says 'broad spectrum CBD'?


Where does Lei Back ship?

When will you ship my order?

How much does shipping cost?

Can I track my order?

Do I need to sign for my order upon delivery?

What is your return/refund policy?

Help! My package is missing! Damn, porch pirates. What should I do?


What safety measures have you implemented because, you know, COVID-19?

Are you doing contactless delivery?

Can I place a corporate/wholesale order?

Where can I try Lei Back in person?

How can I get in touch (aka speak with a person on the phone)?