A can of Lei Back Guava Sparkling Water

Guava Sparkling Water

20 mg Broad Spectrum CBD • 12 fl oz

Sounds good and tastes good

Tropical and oh-so refreshing. It may transport you to a sunny beach with an ocean breeze (even if you're in the backyard). 

$45 per 12 pack. 

Broad Spectrum CBD

Ours is made from hemp plants, meaning it’s non-psychoactive so no stress (pun intended).

Lab Tested

We made sure that our products are the highest quality and free of pesticides.

Simple Ingredients

Non GMO, vegan friendly, gluten free, all natural, no added sugar & zero calories, nada, zilch.

Purified Carbonated Water, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Broad Spectrum Hemp Derived CBD Extract

A can of guava surrounded by citrus

The Backyard Hammock

2 Parts Lei Back Guava
1 Part P.O.G. Juice
Orange Slice

Best enjoyed lounging in a kiddy pool (or running through the sprinklers works too)

A charcoal dawing of a flower A charcoal dawing of a flower